I’m not gonna stand outside the fire


“We call them weak, who are unable to resist the slightest chance love might exist and for that, forsake it all. They’re so hellbent on giving, walking a wire, convinced it’s not living if you stand outside the fire. Standing outside the fire, standing outside the fire. Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire….there’s this love that is burning deep in my soul. Constantly yearning to get out of control, wanting to fly higher and higher. I can’t abide standing outside the fire.”–Garth Brooks, Standing Outside the Fire

Somebody asked me recently why we travel so much. I told them because we can..because we want to see places we’ve never seen, eat food we’ve never tried and experience cultures we’ve never seen except maybe on TV or in the movies before. Long before my son was born, my husband and I did a lot of road trips and we loved driving all over the damn place merely for the sake of the journey more than anything else.

You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t go anywhere, is what I usually tell people who ask me why I bother to travel when everything I want to know or see or experience can be called up on Youtube or Netflix or the computer these days. I go because I want to see and smell and taste and experience things for myself, even if those things turn out to be not quite what I expected. I don’t want to be an old woman some day and go “Damn. I should have traveled more.”

I do crazy things like ziplining and indoor skydiving because WHY THE HELL NOT? You only get one trip on this ride and you wanna end up at the end with your hair mussed and your hands in the air, not sitting sedately in your ride vehicle going “Is this it? Is this all I get?”


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