I totally used my son’s love against him

My son, being 11, is at that age where he’s started to need deodorant. If he doesn’t, he sweats and then stinks so bad a skunk would hold his nose and go “Oh god, what is that stench?”

This morning, I asked him if he’d put on deodorant because I could smell him from halfway across the room.

“Well of course not. I don’t need it. Duh.” is what he told me.

“But Mrs. D (his SpEd inclusion teacher) doesn’t like to sit next to stinky kids. So go put on deodorant please.” I replied and he gave me this look of horror, like he’d never thought of it that way before. He has a crush on Mrs. D, which I think is totally normal and absolutely adorable and I used it against him.

I don’t feel one bit guilty about it either. Maybe I should, but I so don’t.


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