Meat is murder, tasty tasty murder.

First, I have to explain who John Heald is. John Heald is Carnival’s(our preferred cruise line) top cruise director, brand ambassador and main poster of all things on Facebook. If you go to his website ( there is a way to email him with questions, concerns, complaints and requests to change things that are really beyond his control in the first place.

I find it amusing that he is constantly getting berated (usually with a lot of cussing involved) over something incredibly stupid: the lack of vegetarian options in the $35 + tip meal steakhouse.


Now, I’ve never been to the steakhouse onboard ship (personally, while I do enjoy a good steak, I find there are plenty of other options that don’t require me to pay or wear fancy clothes, which is the required dress in the steak house) but I know they serve steak. And some seafood options. And some vegetables.

But there are no vegetarian entrees because again..steakhouse. The name itself implies there will be good meat and lots of it. And it will probably be expensive.

There are plenty of other vegetarian options on board ship. It’s not like if you’re a vegetarian and you go on a Carnival cruise, you’re going to starve to death because there is simply nothing you can eat because it all has meat or meat products or animal products of some kind in every single food item. I know that they used to (don’t know if they still do, since they’ve been playing havoc with the menus lately) serve a vegetarian pot pie that had pumpkin and squash and was absofreakingloutely delicious. Since there are so many vegetarian options, I don’t know why they need to be ranting and raving so much about one on board dining establishment which costs and arm and a leg anyway.

Oh right.

I forgot for half a second that we’re living in the “cater to me or I will freaking sue your butt for enough money to buy me an entire chain of vegetarian steakhouses” era.

My bad.


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