Thank goodness this week can’t get any worse. Monday, I got called in to work early to work for somebody at another school who’d called out sick. Tuesday, they sent my coworker to fill in for the sick person. Wednesday, one of my coworkers had to leave early so I had to stay late to take care of her shift. Yesterday, my son’s glasses got broken at school (somebody else broke them for him..into about 9 pieces) and that had to be dealt with. Plus I had to go to a Christmas party last night that I didn’t really want to go to because I’m not really a party person. I’m usually the one over there in the corner with my book while my son runs around like a maniac, quietly trying to avoid talking to anybody if I possibly can.

Then today, in the middle of the shift, my manager has a panic attack and possibly a stroke as her daughter was trying to get her into the car to take her home. So we’re running around like crazy people trying to keep things from falling apart while the manager is out.

I can only hope this weekend goes better. I can’t take any more stress right now.

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