This is why I love my shift manager

I work in a school cafeteria and so far this year, my shift manager has really outdone any shift (or assistant or any other kind for that matter) manager I’ve ever had before.

Several times this year, she’s brought the entire crew candy and cake and her husband has brought pizza (he co-owns/manages two restaurants in a popular pizza chain). Back in September, for her birthday, she did what I call a “Hobbit’s Birthday” (because Hobbits don’t ask for presents for their birthday..they give them away to everybody) and got us all lipsticks and nail polishes.

Today I go in and not only has she hung little stockings on the wall for each of us in the manager’s office, but each of us had a fairly good sized bag containing a Santa hat, a headband with reindeer antlers and I don’t even know what else because I haven’t dug into it yet.

And this is from a woman who doesn’t even celebrate Christmas (she’s Muslim) but she loves to participate in the holidays anyway because she sees it as part of the privilege of being an American.

People (especially Donald Trump who I call The Royal Combover) are all up in arms lately it seems like about how Muslims are evil and should all be deported or at least banned from entering this country. I don’t about ALL Muslims, but I can honestly say the one I work with is a sweet, funny, hardworking woman who’s married to an equally hardworking man and they’re trying to raise their family (they have two adult sons and one who is still in elementary) to be hardworking, good American citizens. I don’t know about S’s husband, but I do know that she thinks all this crap that is going on..these bombings and the extremists and utter bull pockey. She wants everybody to live in peace and she says that’s the God she believes in..a God of peace.

Which, I don’t exactly believe in God myself, but that’s what I want too. World freaking peace.


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