I’m kind of feeling murderous towards my yarn right now


So, for Christmas, one of our lovely friends gave me a $50 gift card to my favorite craft store and I immediately took myself down there and purchased forty bucks worth of yarn in order to make a Sophie’s Universe crocheted afghan which is both the largest and possibly most complicated thing I’ve ever made.

So far, I’ve spent about 12 hours over the last three days or so trying to get past the twentieth row. I started out fine, but then I had stitch count problems. And then I decided I didn’t like the colors in the pattern I’d chosen to use them in so I had to undo about four hours worth of work in order to fix it. And I’m STILL having stitch count problems and am at the point of wanting to cry because I’m so frustrated with this thing.


I’ve never felt quite such a murderous rage towards yarn before. Towards other objects, like my car or the BluRay player we used to have that quit working properly after nearly a decade, yes. But never yarn. Knitting and crocheting are usually activities that soothe me, not drive me to drink. I don’t know why I even chose this project other than the old “But all the cool kids are doing it!” excuse.


Because all the cool kids ARE doing it. It was a huge thing last year in the online crochet world (or at least the crocheters I hang out with online) and I just wasn’t brave enough or confident enough in my skills to jump in and do it too. Now I sort of am, but I’m still having enough issues that I’m beginning to doubt myself and wonder if this project is simply too massive for me to tackle.


NInja Update:


I ripped back about three rows and I think I figured out where I started going wrong which caused a whole cascade of messed up-ness (which if that’s not a word, it is now. Up-ness) and I’ve nearly gotten back to where I started ripping back from. Hopefully I won’t have to rip back any more…but I can’t swear that I won’t.


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