The world is a little less glittery today

This morning I wake up to find out that my son’s brand new (as in he JUST got it for Christmas and has only been using at school for a week) Minions lunchbag has had the handle destroyed. While I’m sitting there trying to drink my coffee and figure out how to deal with this new little wrinkle, I start scanning Facebook. The first thing I see is a post from an Australian friend of mine, Fez, about the death of David Bowie.


One of the first movies I ever remember seeing when I was growing up was Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth” in which David Bowie played the devilishly handsome and sometimes cruel Jareth the Goblin King. Later, I was introduced to classics like “China Girl” and later still, I watched “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” while slightly drunk late one night. I remember thinking “Whoa. This is serious. This guy” I had no words for what I saw.

David Bowie’s artistry changed a generation and influenced so many musicians. The world will be a little less glittery without Ziggy Stardust in it.


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