Can I get a do-over?

I didn’t sleep well last night and ended up having nightmares. First, I dreamed my hand got caught in the chopper/shredder at work and all my fingers were mangled beyond repair and I screamed, which woke me up. When I finally was able to settle back down and fall asleep again, I dreamed my shift lead and my manager were screaming at me over some perceived screw up. Each was screaming in their native language (Pakistani and Spanish, respectively. And I only understand Spanish a little bit and Pakistani not at all). I think in the end I only got about three hours sleep.

After I got up, my son had a total meltdown over the fact that we were out of milk. My husband had volunteered to go get some last night and got called out by his volunteer group (they’re attached to the local fire department) to a gas leak situation. He ended up not getting home till around 4 am and I was in no mood to deal with my son’s milk addiction. He (my son, not my husband) screamed at me the entire way to school and kicked the crap out of my seat. While I was gone, my poor husband (who’d only had about three hours rest at this point) had been called in on a substitute teacher job. I felt so bad for him.

After I got home, I was checking my Facebook feed and saw that Alan Rickman had passed away.

Well crap.

I did the only rational thing I could–I ugly cried for about fifteen minutes before pulling myself together and eating a peanut butter and chocolate icing sandwich with a handful of Cheetos for breakfast.

I was too exhausted really to go to work since I hadn’t slept the night before but I knew I had no choice but to soldier on.

Plus, it was too late for me to call in sick.

So before I went to work, I dragged my butt down to the local McDonald’s and bought a large drink. It was only after I’d driven away that I realized that they weren’t doing the “All Drinks One Dollar” promotion anymore and I’d been charged something like a quarter more than I’d been expecting.

THEN I get to work and find that one of my coworkers has been called to another school to fill in for somebody so I ended up having to run around all day doing double duty to pick up her slack. And it sucked. The caffeine from the drink I’d bought earlier was the ONLY thing keeping me on my feet.

Can I have a do over? Because this day has sucked donkey butt. I want to go climb in bed and not come out until I’m pretty sure the Great Whatever isn’t going to lay the smack down on me.



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