You want people turning pirate? Because that’s how you get people to turn pirate

Dear lunkheads at CBS,


Do you want Trekkies to turn pirate? Because limiting the new Trek which you’ve promised to deliver next year to your paid streaming service (when originally, Trek was in heavy syndication EVERY FREAKING WHERE) is how you get them to turn pirate.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I already pay exactly what I want for the streaming services I want to have–namely Hulu Plus and Netflix with the DVD option. I have a Roku stick, which allows me to have several other free services (such as Crunchy Roll and PBS) and if I can’t find it on one of my free Roku apps, Hulu or Netflix…well then I don’t watch it.

I don’t feel like I should have to shell out another eight, nine bucks a month for one measly (OK..maybe two. I do like Big Bang Theory) show. I’d rather turn pirate than shell out money I don’t have to because yes, I am just that cheap. You wanna yank your CW shows from Netflix? You go right ahead..I’m cool with that. I don’t watch the crap that’s on the CW RUINED Beauty and the Beast for me (because seriously? WTF is that junk?) and the only show I ever found on there worth watching for more than three seconds was Reign (which was only mildly interesting from the standpoint that I would go “Ok so you’re taking extreme dramatic license with THAT and that and THAT over there.” because I’m a history nerd. Also..tell somebody from the costuming department that those costumes aren’t anywhere near historically accurate. Especially where the women are concerned.).

You think that Trekkies with flock in droves to your streaming service because it’s the only way they can LEGALLY access the new Trek show you’re going to produce. Maybe some will. A lot I’m betting won’t. And as for trying to gain new fans for the series? Fuhgeddaboutit. You can’t gain new fans when it’s not easily accessible to all, ya lunkbrains. I’d bet fifteen bars of gold pressed latinum the series doesn’t last a season because of the way it’s being mismanaged.

And that will make a lot of Trekkies, myself included, very very sad. I was already annoyed with the way that Enterprise (with its war, war war EVERYTHING IS FRIGGIN WAR ALL THE TIME themes when that’s NOT what I watch Star Trek for) was handled. I don’t want to be saddened by yet another Trek series that didn’t live up to my fairly high expectations of what Star Trek is and what it should be.


A Fan


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