Walking to Mordor

It’s clear that I’ve GOT to get in some kind of shape that’ s not round. I’ve tried running but it didn’t work. It’s not because I can’t run..it’s because every time I tried to run, my lower GI tract went “Uh oh. We need to cramp up NOW because something’s going on and we’re not sure what it is but we need to go into serious cramp mode NOW.” and then decided to evacuate everything contained therein for reasons still unknown to me. It was kind of embarrassing to try to make it to the 7-11 so I could sneak into their bathroom every time I went for  a run and to be honest, sometimes I didn’t quite make it so I’d have to do the worst walk of shame EVER all the way back to my house.

So I’m trying something new–Walking To Mordor. I’m going to listen to a chapter of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and walk for as long as it takes for me to get through that chapter.

Here’s my fitness journal that I stayed up half the night working on. Because I’m slow at things sometimes.


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