I’m sorry..it’s HOW much?

I was browsing one of my favorite message boards recently and there was an ad down at the bottom of the page that read “Anti-Flu? Get TAMIFLU!” and I couldn’t help but snort and think, “Yeah. Only if you’ve got a bunch of cash to throw at your pharmacist.”


My only real experience in trying to get Tamiflu was a few years ago. We’d gone to my mom’s for her annual Christmas Eve get together and my sister brought her three kids. Neglecting to tell anyone of course that her kids were all coming down with the flu. Within a few days, my son and I both had it. I remember laying on the couch and wanting to just die because I felt so awful. We schlepped ourselves to our favorite doc-in-the-box and the nurse practitioner told us she could prescribe Tamiflu for us. Super. We went to the pharmacy and asked how much it would cost us to fill the prescription for the two of us. When he said $600, my jaw hit the floor. I said, “No thanks. I’ll ride it out for that price.”

That’s the way it goes these days, though. With the exception of my OB/GYN, my dentist and my son’s pediatrician, we haven’t had a regular doctor in over a decade. We just can’t afford it, not with our insurance being the way it is. When one of us gets sick, we try to ride it out at home or, if we feel we’re not gonna be able to do that for whatever reason, we go visit a doc in the box or the local walk up ER type center. Because we can’t afford to go see a real doctor anymore..insurance just doesn’t allow us to do so.

The funny thing is, I used to think that insurance was something you paid for so that if you did get sick, hurt, etc you could afford to go to the doctor. I learned a long time ago that’s not the case. Insurance is just something you have to have whether you want it or not and they’re gonna suck you for all the money they can get out of you while not giving you a fair return for what you pay them.

Why does life have to be all crazy like that?


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