OK so it didn’t suck


I’m almost 38, so I grew up in the mid-late eighties when cartoons were mostly about selling toys. And while I never had a Jem doll, I did watch the series although I wasn’t a huge fan. And yes..when it was on Netflix awhile back, I did watch the series again straight through about three times purely out of nostalgia.

When I first heard there was going to be a live-action reboot movie, all I could think was, “God I hope this doesn’t suck.” Unfortunately, the distributor (Universal) declared it a total flop after only two weeks and yanked it from theaters so I never got the chance to go see it.

I recently found out it would be coming out on DVD soon (it was released on Febuary 17th, in fact) so I shoved it to the top of my queue on DVD.com because I really wanted to see if this was going to suck as bad as I’d heard it did.

It came in the mail earlier this week. Friday night is my movie night generally so it was with some trepidation that I popped the disc into the BluRay player, set the captions on it and sat down to watch it.


It didn’t suck. Well.ok. Maybe if you’re a hardcore fan it sucked. And yeah, while I found it to be so sugary sweet I nearly went into a friggin diabetic coma, it didn’t suck THAT bad. I’ve seen way, way worse films (here’s a tip–if your stepsister’s husband ever asks if you’re a fan of Jim Belushi’s Animal House and then offers to show you a film he swears is JUST LIKE IT called King Frat..run. Because it’s not.) and while I didn’t think it was the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life..it didn’t suck.  Did I wish that Synergy was more woowoo sparkle magic computer like she was in the series? Yeah kind of. Did I hate the fact that Eric Raymond (who was truly one of the most idiotic and vile villains I’ve ever seen in a cartoon) was a WOMAN? And dangit..where were Eric’s henchladies The Misfits in all of this? They were really, REALLY missing. I would’ve loved to see a modern take on them because they (with the exception of Stormer who was kind of wishy washy) were SOOOO bad. Like almost criminally stupid but pretty and with spoiled mean girl attitudes.


But other than that, it didn’t suck. I found myself going “Oh wow. This is SO stinkin cute!” and kind of rooting for Jerrica/Jem and the girls. The music was super catchy too..I’m going to download “Young Blood” (which should’ve been released on the radio over the summer before the release because I could totally see it catching fire like nobody’s business) because it’s kind of stuck in my head.

I kind of wish there were going to be a sequel even though I know that’s never going to happen. Because it was just that cute.


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