But you’d be SO pretty if you were SKINNY


That’s me on a recent vacation.


In Reddit’s /r/Askwomen, there was a post about women who’d gone from ugly duckling to beautiful swan and I commented ”

I find myself reading this and going, “But what about those of us who’ve always been kinda ugly and just never turned into a swan?”

Because that’s me. I’ve always been fairly (IMO) unattractive and now that I’m older, I still care but not nearly as much as I did when I was younger. Do I wish I had gotten over being ugly and turned into something beautiful? Yes. But do I also realize that THAT ain’t gonna happen without thousands and thousands of dollars of plastic surgery, liposuction, lifts, tucks and god knows what else?


And of course somebody replied that they needed to see proof of my ugliness so I showed them this picture of me on vacation recently. And they replied, “Well you’d just be pretty if you lost weight.”

And I kind of went off on them.

You have NO idea how many times I’ve heard “You’d be pretty if you were just thin.”

Yes, I’m trying currently (for about the 1,000th time) to lose weight. Will I be successful this time? Who knows.

But seriously..and I know they didn’t mean any offense by it..I am SICK of hearing “You’d be so pretty if you were just thinner.”

I am damn near 40 years old. I am sick of hearing “You’d be so pretty if you were thin.” from people. Family members. Randos on the street. Whatever. Even if I lost a ton of weight, I probably still wouldn’t be pretty ANYWAY because I am built like a frigging Hobbit. I am short (five foot five) and shaped rather like a tree trunk with boobs. I have short arms. Short legs. Flat, Fred Flinstone-esque feet. A butt so large it probably needs its own  zipcode at this point. Losing weight isn’t going to change ANY of this because this is who I am, it’s how I am built. I. Am. Not. Attractive. I have a round face..losing weight isn’t going to change the shape of that. I have chubby cheeks..again…not something I can fix with losing weight. The only way to seriously affect how I look is to have tucks and plumps and lifts and god knows what else done to my body which I neither want or can afford.

I’ve been hearing “You’d be pretty if only you were thin.” most of my life and by this point, I’ve more or less accepted the fact that I have never been nor will I ever be pretty. Even on my wedding day, the day women are supposed to look their most beautiful, I looked like a walking marshmallow covered in beads.

I’ve never been cute. I will never be cute. And I’m more or less OK with that because really..who needs the hassle of trying to stay thin and gorgeous when you’re my age? It’s too much damn work, if you ask me.

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