More WTF-ness from Mamapedia

I respect everybody’s right to feel how they want to feel.

I came back from vacation and went to go clear out my inbox when I spotted something I’ve come to dread-an email from Mamapedia.

This was one was a link to an article about a mom boasting of her super overprotectiveness of her kids because of one semi-creepy but ultimately not in any way, shape or form incident when she was a kid. Apparently, the author and a friend were outside making friendship bracelets when two guys in a truck drove up and asked them if they were selling anything. The author’s dad (who was inside taking a pee) comes charging out like he was a bull they’d been waving a red flag at. According to the author, her dad went so far as to try and write down their plate number and take it to the police which OK. I can kinda see because it was kind of a weird, creepy incident.

This has driven the author, a mom, to be that parent who won’t let her kids ride their bikes outside without her hovering over them. Or allow them to sleep over at a friend’s house without giving the parents a criminal background check because they might be weirdos.

I just want to shake the woman and go “Relax, chica.” because she’s gonna turn her kids into anxious, overly weirded out adults who can’t relax because they are constantly afraid that somewhere, somebody is going to be out to get them.

I’m not saying don’t be on your guard if you feel weirded out by somebody but Jesus Christ. Calm down, lady.

Maybe I feel this way because I never had this kind of thing happen to me. Maybe it’s because from a young age, I pretty much had zero boundaries as to where I was allowed to go (the author states she wasn’t allowed to leave the front yard) and I learned to have self confidence that no matter the situation, I could get myself out of it. I don’t know. But I do know that being this anxious all the time can’t possibly be good for you or the kids, lady.

There is a fine line between being protective and being overprotective. Protective allows your kids to grow and develop self confidence. Overprotective does not, from what I’ve seen and experienced.

In this crazy world of helicopter parenting, how can we expect our kids to grow up to be confident adults who can charge into the world and not be scared of it if all we do is go “The world is going to get you. Be afraid, be very afraid.”? Because I don’t get that. I seriously don’t get that.

Maybe somebody can explain it to me.



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