The Saga of Sansa Claus

Several years ago, my in-laws purchased an Ipod Shuffle for me that, being pink (and long before Friendship of Magic was even a thing), I named Pinkie Pie. Because I name things. It’s my thing.


Anyway..within about six months, Pinkie Pie was accidentally drowned in the washing machine when I forgot I’d left the damn thing in my pocket. And because ITunes was the bane of my life (I seriously could NOT figure it out..I’m not a tech minded person), it was replaced with a Sansa ClipZip 4 gig MP3 player.

I’d had a Sansa MP3 player before but it mysteriously grew legs and walked away. So I was thrilled with the new one because I knew from before that Sansas are ridiculously easy to use. You plug it in, charge it and sideload whatever files you want on there through the computer. Pretty simple.

So my new MP3 player, which I named Sansa Claus, has been with me for about three, four years now. And it’s been a good little MP3 player. Only recently had it started acting hinky…shutting off without warning even when it was fully charged and the headphone jack is jacked up on the inside so that I can only get volume in both sides of the headphones if I hold the cord a certain way or use the clip on the back to hold the cord in a certain position. Which is no big’s an easy work around.

Things were going well until last night. I was listening to a podcast in the bathtub and accidentally knocked the MP3 player into the tub. It was only submerged for about a half a second but that was enough. The sound coming through the headphones was seriously messed up and the screen started acting funny. Within a few moments, it shut off and I couldn’t get it to turn back on. I seriously thought it was dead. So I mourned..briefly own stupidity.

I left it sitting on the counter overnight..not encased in rice (like you’re supposed to do with dunked devices) or anything like that. This morning, I decided to try and plug it in, just to see what would happen.

Holy turned on and started charging. And the computer recognized it as plugged in. I unplugged it, turned it off and turned it back on.

It came back on.





Seriously..I think my MP3 player is a zombie.


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