A face only a mother could love

I have awesome coworkers who, for each holiday, get me something (well..they get something for EVERYBODY, not just me). For Easter, my manager bought everybody chocolate eggs and my shift lead bought everybody jellybeans and a stuffed animal.

I am now the proud mother of a cream colored stuffed rabbit with a face only a mother could love. On the left side of his face is a big, dark brown thing that kinda looks like an eyebrow raised ironically. On the right side..the brown thing is sewn into the corner of his eye, which makes more sense. So he’s only got one eyebrow, which makes him look kind of odd. It’s also abundantly clear, from looking at him anyway, that his eyes weren’t placed correctly when he was made and his face is sewn kind of weird. If I knew ANYTHING about sewing stuffed animals, I’d be tempted to take him apart and do it right. Or at least attempt to fix what’s been fucked up.

Looking at him, with the one janky eyebrow, I’m kinda tempted to knit him an eyepatch and just make him into a pirate.


Right side..normal brown bit in the corner of the eye.



Left side..big janky eyebrow.


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