So I overheard this conversation…

Husband: Didn’t your mom just tell you to do something?

Son: Yeah! But you know what? SHE NEEDS TO DO EVERYTHING! I am SO SICK of doing everything for her.

Husband: She told you to put away your clothes..which she washed, dried and folded for you. You should probably do what she says.

Son: Yeah, well I don’t have to LIKE IT! I HATE DOING EVERYTHING FOR HER!

Husband: What would you do if she wasn’t here?

Son: Get you to do it. Duh.

Husband: What if both me and Mommy weren’t here though? What would you do?

Son: Get servants to do it for me. Of course!

Husband: Servants…mmhmm…

Son: Because then I wouldn’t have to do ANYTHING for myself because they’d do it all for me.

Husband: And how would you be able to afford all these servants?

Son: I’d use your money, of course.


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