Some things I cannot change but till I try I’ll never know

Something that I’ve struggled with pretty much my entire life is getting into and then staying in shape.

A year ago, I decided I was going to start running to get into some kind of a shape that wasn’t round but after a few weeks, I gave up because I kept having digestive issues. I’m still not sure I’ve solved my digestive issues but I don’t want to quit.

Recently, my MP3 player (the zombie one) went missing and so I dug around in one of our junk drawers until I found my husband’s old Samsung smart phone which I charged until it was working again. I’m using it as an MP3 player right now and I’ve downloaded the Zombies, Run! app to keep me moving, keep me motivated. Because the whole “Walking to Mordor” thing I had tried to do wasn’t getting it done. I kept putting it off, kept saying “I’ll do this tomorrow.” and then never doing it. Why I think it’ll be different THIS time…I’m not even sure. Maybe because it’s the game aspect to the app. I don’t know. But I don’t want to give up. I want to keep trying until I find something that works for me so I can finally get into the shape I should’ve been in all along. So my son can be proud of me and not say “Why are you so fat, Mom?” (I didn’t think I was that fat, but apparently he thinks so).


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