Gorram it, Samsung

So this afternoon, somehow I managed to accidentally turn on the TalkBack app on my phone. It took a good hour of me frantically trying to figure out how to shut it up before I finally turned to Samsung’s online live chat cust support.

Dude..it took like AN HOUR AND A FREAKING HALF for this guy to walk me through how to turn it off because apparently he didn’t really know how to turn it off either. I would ask a question and he’d answer it with a question, like he didn’t know what he was doing. I finally figured out how to turn it off when I accidentally tried to scroll down to where the TalkBack app was in the applications manager screen with two fingers. LIIIIGHTBULB.  I was able to hit “Force Stop” and finally, FINALLY my phone shut up.I was so annoyed with the guy’s incompetence I asked for a supervisor.

When the supervisor came on, I asked how to just delete the damn app from my phone and he said he couldn’t tell me that. All he could do was refer me to their customer service phone number.

So then I spent probably 20 min on the phone with the customer service lady who seemed confused when I gave her my model number (SPH-M840..it’s an older phone. An early model Galaxy Something Or Other that used to be my husband’s before I comandeered it after my MP3 player went missing) and even more upset and confused when I told her it wasn’t connected to a service right now, that I was mainly using it to play games and listen to podcasts since my MP3 player went missing. Not sure why she was upset or confused about me using a phone that’s not connected to a service though. o.O That was kind of odd.

She said because it’s a “default app”, I can’t get rid of TalkBack even though I would love to just to make sure it doesn’t accidentally get turned on again after the shit I went through this afternoon trying to turn it off.

So Samsung customer servicelady..I’m sorry if I offended you by

A) having a phone that’s more than a year old,

B)not having said phone connected to a service


C)wanting to get rid of something YOUR COMPANY put on there that I have no need for and want to get rid of. You know how to get rid of it. I KNOW YOU  DO. You just won’t tell me.

Gorram it.

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