Oh crap..summer’s coming

I both love and loathe summer vacation. Love it because I get to spend time outside getting baked to a lovely shade of bronze. I loathe it though because it means that I have to come up with ideas to keep my kiddo occupied all day pretty much every day for three solid months.

This is an example of our daily schedule.

J gets up at 6:30 (he gets up at 6;30 regardless of what day it is or whether he’s on a break or not). Goes in the living room to mess around with a video game or play on the computer.

7:30ish–I get up, make breakfast

8:30ish–schoolwork time..and yes I make my kid do schoolwork during the summer break to keep him from backsliding.

9:15ish–time to head to the pool! We usually go in the mornings because it’s not crazy stupid hot yet and there’s usually not as many (if any) idiot teenagers behaving like they’ve lost their damn minds to deal with.

12:30ish–lunch time!

The afternoons can go one of two ways. If there is a movie showing at the library that I think he’ll sit through, we’ll go to the library. Otherwise, after lunch, I retreat to the bedroom for a couple hours to decompress, sometimes take a nap and maybe catch up on TV that he’s not allowed to watch (like Empire, Call the Midwife, etc)

2:3oish–snack time and back to the pool

4:30ish–home to make dinner


6:00ish–usually by this point it’s bath time. If the Husbandthing is not home then it’s time for the pool..again. For at least an hour.

7:30ish–I tuck Son into bed to watch TV and hopefully he’ll pass out within an hour or so since I’ve done my best to wear his energetic rear end out.

9:30ish–I get settled to watch TV or a movie or something.

12:00ish–bedtime for me.

It’s crazy, but it kinda works.

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