I’m not sure how to feel about this..is this a THING now?

So I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline when I got home from work today and I noticed that somebody had posted, in the FB group for our school district, that the district needs to start doing “active shooter” drills. And there was a video. There was a man dressed in a creepy outfit storming a school and waving his rifle around at a room full of trashbags that were supposed to represent the kids in that class.


And I thought, “This is fucking nuts. Who DOES this kind of shit?”

And I wondered, “Will our school district even CONSIDER this crazypants idea? And if so, I hope they only institute it at the high school level because I don’t even want to CONSIDER the trauma they’d inflict on a bunch of kindergarten kids by having some random guy come storming into their classroom during a lockdown drill to wave a gun at them and scream in their faces.”

Because I can seriously see some poor kid being traumatized, having nightmares for weeks on end because of this. I can picture crying girls..and some boys too..almost shitting their pants out of sheer terror as this guy stomps around shoving a (hopefully unloaded) gun at them.

One person commented, “Well I’d rather be paranoid than not prepared at all!” and I thought, “You have got it so wrong.”

Being prepared is one thing. But having some guy storm around your school like he’s going to shoot somebody is a whole other level of fucking nuts.

I get it..I do. It started way back with Columbine and after Sandy Hook people went seriously crazy worrying about somebody coming into their school to shoot up the place and kill their kids and loved ones.

But where does it end? I mean..I know in our district you already have to have completed a background check before you’re allowed to volunteer. You have to ring the doorbell to get somebody in the office to let you in and you have to check in with the office before you’re allowed to go roaming about the school. Honestly..I think that’s all we really need. Metal detectors might be a slight improvement, but I don’t think they’re really needed.

People are acting like school shootings happen every other week when really..how often do they REALLY happen? Once a year? Less than that? I honestly can’t remember even hearing of one SINCE Sandy Hook but I don’t know there hasn’t been one either. Not for sure anyway.

You can’t live your life scared. I mean, what good does that do? You never get anywhere being scared all the time, as Vivi Abbot Walker says in “Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood”.

And what does being scared that somebody is going to come into your school and shoot you do for these kids? Can somebody explain that to me please?

Because I sure as hell don’t get it.



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