Because my sink is an asshole

I hate doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. I’d rather be tied up and tickle tortured by Freddy Krueger than do the dishes and clean the kitchen.

So naturally I put these chores off as long as I can.

I put the dishes off until around 10 pm last night and when I went to turn on the water to make soapy water in the dishpan (we don’t have a working dishwasher), the handle broke off in my hand.

I stared at it. No no no no..there was no way this could happen. I needed that water, dadgummit. I started laughing hysterically, which is my go-to response in situations where if I don’t start laughing, I’m going to start crying like a toddler who just had a candy bar ripped from their grasp.

I called my husband (who was in the bedroom) to come look at what had just happened. He assured me it was not something I could’ve done based on the look of it and that he’d fix it this weekend on his day off.

But I still had to do the dishes, which meant I had to go to the bathroom and get warm water from the tap in there so I could make soapy water to wash the dishes with. Then I had to REFILL the the pitcher with cold water so I could rinse the dishes off.

Forty five minutes, three pitches of warm water and six pitches of cold water later (I had a LOT of dishes to do and they were pretty nasty), the dishes are done.

I have to go do the dishes that have accumulated since last night and I’m not looking forward to hauling water back and forth.

Particularly since the lone pitcher I have in my possession is currently filled with lemonade and I’d have to lug the entire dish pan into the bathroom to get warm water.

And I’d be forced to use a 64 oz souveneir baseball game cup as the rinse cup which means I’d be trotting back and forth to the bathroom approximately 84,000 times.

I’ve made a decision though..if he doesn’t fix the sink this weekend, we are getting take out every night until he DOES fix it because I am NOT trotting back and forth between the kitchen and the bathroom eight thousand times every night just to do the dishes.That’s just insanity.


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