To ink or not to ink..what a stupid question

One of the people I follow on Facebook is a pseudo-celeb by the name of John Heald. John, for those of you not in the know, is the senior cruise director as well as the brand ambassador for Carnival Cruise Lines (which I will abbreviate to CCL from here out). The dude must have the patience of a saint to put up with people like this guy.


Name: Clifford———
Message:. I have cruised with you many times. I saw you on the inaugural of the Vista. I wrote you an expansive critique which neither you or ———- at the VIP Diamond Desk has given me the respect of a reply. How standards are falling. Here is another example. Tattoos.

I owned my own company employing 50 plus people and had a strict policy that forbid any visible tattoos for employees.

I thought Carnival would follow the same rules but I was wrong. To my horror and amazement my cabin attendant ——— had a visible tattoo on the back of his neck and one on his wrist. I began to notice more of the workers with tattoos. Our strip malls are littered with tat parlors, next to payday loan offices and pawn shops but to see workers on my cruise with blatant tattoos!!!!
I never thought I would see the day!! When I see someone with a lot of ink, I just think that they’re either an idiot, a drunk, or a pain addict, and I tend to dismiss them pretty quickly but not on my cruise. How would Carnival allow this?

Honestly, Clifford sounds like an entitled piece of gosa (you only know what that means if you speak Mandarin and/or a fan of Firefly :D) because tattoos are pretty common place these days. I don’t know a whole lot of people who DON’T have ink somewhere on their body. A friend of mine recently asked me what I thought about him getting Romulan War Bird on his chest. I said if you want to do it, do it. It’s your skin, kid. Heck..if the artwork is really well done, I might even compliment somebody on their ink.

I’m pretty sure that in the 9 cruises I’ve taken with Carnival I’ve seen at least one employee with ink. I don’t look closely enough at my stateroom steward’s arms, etc to see if they have ink because I generally don’t see them more than a minute or two each day if I see them at all. And if I did see one who was inked up, I’d probably go “OOh! That looks so cool. Does it mean something?” because I enjoy learning about new cultures. Tattoos are a big thing in certain cultures. We have no right to judge whether or not it’s acceptable for a person to have a tattoo if they’re from another country because what we might see as freakydeaky and offensive might be completely normal in their culture. I figure as long as it’s not a tatt with foul language or naked women..who gives a crap? There are some brilliant and amazing tattoo artists out there putting their art on people’s bodies. Ed Hardy comes to mind…I love his old school style myself. He is no less an artist than Van Gogh or Jackson Pollock (if you wanna get more recent) simply because his art is on somebody’s body rather than on a wall.

I think tattoo art, in all its myriad forms, is beautiful. Sure there some bad tattoos out there..but much of the work that I’ve personally seen is really well done and just absolutely beautiful.


Heck..if I weren’t such a chicken and it weren’t so expensive, I’d get a tattoo myself. It would be done in the old style..a ragged looking Joker card from a deck of cards with my son’s name and date of birth on it as well as somewhere incorporated in there would be a puzzle piece or a puzzle piece ribbon, representing his autism spectrum disorder.

2 thoughts on “To ink or not to ink..what a stupid question

  1. I share pretty much the same view as you – I would never judge anybody for having a tattoo on their body – and I might even think they were awesome. I remember being on the London Underground a while ago, and some guy was hanging onto a railing above, exposing his forearm – which was wrapped in the most intricate, “old school” sailor kind of tattoo – of a scroll of parchment with writing in it – it looked absolutely awesome.


    1. I think people just need to GET over it. Tattoos are here to stay and they are not..well, not ALWAYS anyway..trashy. And in some cultures, they’re symbols of manhood and virility and stuff. I think. And even DISNEY is having a character in an up coming movie (the movie’s called Moana) who is ALL tatted up because that’s perfectly OK (the culture in the movie is supposed to be vaguely Hawaiin or Samoan).

      I’m actually looking forward to Moana coming out because the main character, Moana looks a little like my niece who is biracial. 😀 It’ll be nice to finally have a princess that looks like her.


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