To everything there is a season, part 2

Well the vet called today. Turns out Old Lady Kitty is like..a super kitty. Like, aside from the fact that she’s got some renal issues and is going into heart failure, she’s in really good shape for such an old lady. Also, some kind of enzyme or something that normally is under 100 in cats (has something to do with her heart, they said) is in the mid 300 range for her. The vet told us he’d NEVER seen a cat with numbers that high still walking around. So yay for super kitty-ness. Or something.

We basically have three options.

  1. Do nothing and there’s a good chance the pet sitter will find her next week when we’re out of town no longer among the living.
  2. Try her on medication for the next two weeks (which the pet sitter, who is owned by two very gorgeous–and bossy– Maine Coons, is willing to try to give her) and see if she improves. If she improves then we continue with the meds which will buy her some time..maybe as much as a year.
  3. Put her down right before we go on vacation

I’m not sure which option we’re going with yet..probably the second one. But if she doesn’t improve after at least two weeks, the vet said then she’s not GOING to and we need the right thing.


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