So while I was on vacation during the week of Father’s Day, Old Lady Cat passed away from congestive heart failure. I found out that she’d passed away on Saturday as we were preparing to drive home from N’Awlins.

That car ride sucked.

I spent the majority of Sunday grieving and trying to do laundry (I’m still not entirely done yet).

Monday morning, my husband helped me clean the house and then took me to lunch. Granted, it was only CiCi’s..but still..a lunch where I don’t have to make anything is a good lunch. Then we spent the afternoon driving around to different shelters and rescues trying to decide if we were ready to bring some kittens into our life.


Well..we didn’t have to decide. It got decided FOR us.


By these cutie patooties–Bella (the mostly white one with the brown and black patches) and Tony (I lobbied hard for him to be called Edward but neither Sonthing nor Husbeast were having ANY of that. XD).




I mean, aren’t they freaking ADORABLE as heck? Bella’s a bit more shy than Tony, who is mister get-into-everything. It took a day or so for them to become confident enough to come out from under the bed but once they decided to, all bets were off. Taste the cord on the blinds? Yup! Crawl up INSIDE the freaking recliner and making the humans struggle to lift it so you can be retrieved? Achievement unlocked. As I’m typing this, Tony is sitting in a basket of fresh-from-the-dryer laundry giving me this look like “Yeah. I’m in here. Whatcha gonna do about it, lady?” He’s gonna be a handful, I can already tell. 🙂






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