So now my recliner is stuffed with pillows

Several years ago, we bought an electrically powered double recliner and it was awesome.


Fast forward to this week and the acquisition of Bella and Tony. Over the last couple of days, they’ve started to come out of their shells and show their true personalities. Tony is kind of a badass…chasing after things, jumping off of other things, climbing things he shouldn’t be climbing and attempting to learn the fine art of the counter surf. He is basically the kind of handful that you expect a kitten to be.

Bella on the other hand just likes to hide. She’ll come out to eat and poop and stuff but she’d rather be hiding under the bed.

Or inside my double recliner. Where she really really does not need to be in case one of accidentally sits on her.

So we’ve unplugged the recliner and for now, we’ve got pillows stuffed in the cracks underneath so hopefully she can’t get back in there. Because we’ve chased her out approximately eighty two thousand times since Monday.

When we adopted them, because they’d recently been treated for fleas, the rescue lady said we should wash them in blue (original formula, apparently) Dawn. I figured if the lady on the commercial could use it to scrub the crude oil off a duck, surely it was safe enough for me to wash my cats with.

So I actually got around to doing that today. Tony just kind of looked at me with this “Seriously?” look on his face. He didn’t fight me too much and accepted the towel drying without too much of a fuss.

Bella, on the other hand, was having absolutely NONE of it. She kicked. She tried to claw me (resulting in my first battle scars from her), she screamed bloody murder and when I finally set her down after towel drying her, she gave me the most angry glare. Like she would stab me with her eyes if she could have.

Hey..ya gotta be clean, kiddo and you were the one with all the dead fleas that I could see. Or at least, I assumed they were dead. I didn’t see them moving around and I haven’t felt like any have been jumping off onto me and biting ME even though I ended up being trapped on the couch last night for most of an episode of OITNB because Bella fell asleep on my arm. I assume that if there were still live fleas on either one of them, I would’ve felt them jumping off and biting me but I haven’t. So I guess the flea treatment they got the other day got all the fleas.

2 thoughts on “So now my recliner is stuffed with pillows

  1. Our cats are a bloody nightmare with fleas. We have to treat them all the time. Our garden is fairly overgrown too – which they love – so they come in after clambering under and through things, and then sit on (preferrably clean) beds to hook all the crap out of their feet…


    1. This is actually the first time we’ve ever had to deal with fleas, since Rump was an indoor kitty all her life and we intend for Bella and Tony to be indoor kitties also.


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