I literally didn’t even know this was a thing

So Bella and Tony have both been sneezing their tiny heads off pretty much ever since we brought them home from the shelter. I thought maybe they had come down with whatever the kitty version of Kennel Cough.

Oh no.

It’s much worse.

They have Feline Rhinotracheitis–aka Cat Herpes. Which they’re supposed to be vaccinated for when they get all their other shots. I’ll have to go back and check their records and they probably DID get vaxxed for it but they vaxx didn’t take. Or whatever.

So, $117 later, they’ve been re-vaxxed (it’s supposed to help boost their immune systems). Kitty Herpes, like Human Herpes, is for life. It can be pretty easily managed by keeping them stress free and regular doses of L-Lysine (or so I’ve read on several natural cat care websites). The vet said they may sneeze forever, though I hope not. D: Bella’s whole body shakes when she sneezes because she’s so tiny.

The plan of action for now is to dose their twice daily food rations with some dry kitten formula and a tiny bit of water (to make everything stick together and stuff. Kitty Gravy Train! Does anybody remember that? It was this dry dog food they had in the 80s and you were supposed to add water to it to make a “natural gravy”. Just me then? Ok…..) so that’s what we’re gonna do. We also have a follow up appointment in a week or so to make sure they’re getting over their current outbreak.

Also..humans can’t get Kitty Herpes, so I do have that going for me I suppose. Especially since they’ve both been all rubbing on my face.


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