My Bullet Journal Journey Begins

So I’ve bought a cheap journal (so not the one I wanted, but they didn’t have what I wanted and I was tired and didn’t want to go driving around looking for exactly what I wanted so I settled for what they had) and some nice pens (Uniball 0.7mm black gel ).

I made an index page, realized I fucked it up and tore it out, which damaged the first page a little. D: So I’m gonna have to do my best to fix that little mistake.

But here’s my Index so far:

Future Log

Monthly Log

Daily Log

Books I’ve Read (right now it’s two–The Wild Truth by Carine McCandless and I’m nearly through with Oh My! There Goes The Internet by George Takei which is a very entertaining read)

Movies I’ve Watched (nothing there yet)

Memorable Quotes

Daily Tasks

Monthly Tasks

30 Day Sit Up Challenge (even though Husbeast insists that sit ups are bad for your back)

July Exercise Log

30 Day Wonder Woman Challenge (I found a Wonder Woman work out online and I’m going to alternate the days I do the Wonder Woman workout which is body weight strength exercises and the sit ups and then on opposite days, I’m going to do walk or do some other form of cardio)

I’m sure I’ll add more, I just don’t know what it’s going to be yet or how I”m going to fit it on the index page since I’ve pretty much filled that up right now. I might start logging my caloric intake as well, I just don’t know. I’m going to start with what I’ve got–the two exercise challenges–and go from there.DSC00263

Rawr. I like tigers. It was the only blank book they had that didn’t have either a cutesy quote splashed across the front or a cartoon character. It was the most adult, sort of.


2 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal Journey Begins

  1. Will be interesting to find out how you get on with it. I watched the YouTube movie about bullet journals, and got confused – ended up thinking it was a lot of hassle (I’m very lazy though).


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