Depression can suck my big toe

Because there might be children reading this and I don’t want to curse in front of them. At least..not in English.

But I am allowed to curse in Klingon, since cursing in a made up language TOTALLY doesn’t count as cursing in my book.

loD ‘ay’ Sop laH ghoS tISchoHlaHbe’bogh unend relentless notlhbe’ Dotlh ‘IQ!!!

I spent most of the day either sleeping or lying curled up in bed watching strange videos on Youtube because today was one of THOSE days. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I barely wanted to move at all and when I did get out of bed, it was only for the absolute shortest length of time necessary for me to do whatever it was I needed to get done. I know at one point I started sobbing hysterically about the fact that I woke up with Tony’s tiny furry butt in my face and all I could smell was cat farts.

Depression sucks. It really really really REALLY does. I cannot emphasize that enough. It wrings me out and leaves me feeling like I’ve been trampled on by a herd of elephants all wearing spiky, pointy toed Louboutins. Or Loubuttons. Or however you spell it. Fancy shoes that I look at and go “Whoever designed those must want to torture women. Because they look awfully painful.”

Tomorrow will be a different day and hopefully my depression will suck a little less tomorrow and I will actually be able to get out of bed and do what I need to get done instead of being so exhausted I can’t move and feeling like my heart has just been run through a cross-cut shredder. I can’t promise anything though.



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