Kittens are people, too

Dear other people who’ve told me “There is something wrong with your kitten. Kittens shouldn’t act like that.”—

Just because Bella is shy and more cautious than Tony does not mean she was abused before she went to the shelter where we got her. Kittens have their own personality. Some are outgoing, some are shy and some are assholes.

Just because she is shy doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with her or that there is anything more right with Tony. She is who she is. She cuddles when she’s ready to cuddle and she hates being picked up whereas Tony will just stand there and let you pick him up and cuddle him and mess with his feet and do all kinds of things to him. She runs from me, mostly because I’m the one who tries to grab her so I can sponge off her nasty eye goopies. But when I’m settled down for the evening, she has no problem coming over and climbing all over me to find just the right spot to cuddle in.

Tony’s last name is Underfoot for a reason. Because he’s ALWAYS underfoot..exploring, checking things out, trying to kill my shoes or whatever. And Bella is always right behind him, making sure it’s ok before she joins in the fun. And that’s TOTALLY ok. Really really.




The mom of two very different kittens who I just happen to love the crap out of BECAUSE of their differences


3 thoughts on “Kittens are people, too

  1. We have three boy cats – brothers – and they couldn’t be more different than each other – which is amusing, because they were absolutely identical when they were young (they are now the fat one, the middle sized one, and the skinny one).

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  2. I love that kittens and cats have totally different personalities. My mom’s cats, two brothers from the same litter, with drastically different personalities. Gershwin was snobby and uppity, and Tigger acted like Pinky from the Pinky and the Brain TV show, he was just totally stupid. and I bet Gershwin was totally embarrassed.

    i miss those ridiculous cats. they lived for 18 years, and were spoiled rotten for all 18 of them.


    1. Rumpleteazer, our old lady cat who passed away last month, was a sweetheart..most of the time. Except when she was a total asshole and did things like pee on our clothes in the suitcases as we were packing because she was mad were going on vacation without her. She would also revenge puke in the middle of the bed for us to find when we got home. LOL


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