Well this should be fun

Bella and Tony went back to the vet’s today. Tony was given as clean a bill of health as a cat can get given that he has eye herpes.

Bella, however, needs crap squirted in her eyes twice a day because her eye herpes has caused her to have really bad conjuctivitis, which Google tells me can sometimes happen.

Bella doesn’t like to be picked up. She tries to run away or, if she can’t run away, hiss and swat at you if you try to pick her up. I don’t know how to fix that..I assume it’s because every time she’s gotten picked up, it’s because I needed to wash her face with a warm wash cloth to get rid of the eye goopies.

My thought was to give her a small bit of tuna or a small chunk of hot dog every time I have to put in her eye medicine, but my husband says that’s a bad habit to start. But really, it’s a reward in my head. It might make her hate me less for having to wrap her in a towel so I can use both hands to force her eye open so I can put eye drops in.



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