Finding my way

Recently, I found a website called DareBee that has a lot of bodyweight workouts that I can do at home, where there won’t be anybody to laugh at my ass for looking like an idiot. Granted, it means that if I screw up my form (and I probably will), there won’t be anybody to help me correct it and I’ll go on doing whatever it is I’m trying to do mostly incorrectly I’m sure.

I’ve decided, starting on August 1, I’m going to start doing their Foundation Program in order to get back into something of a shape. I’ve been walking about 3.25 miles as many days as I could this summer, but it’s not enough. I want to get into REAL shape.

I’ve also decided, once I complete the 30 day Foundation Program, I’m going to sort of mix and match from the workouts provided on their website to make my own 30 day program which I’m tentatively calling “The Ultimate Shield Maiden Workout”.

I have, at least so far, come up with 10 workouts from their website that I feel would fit the theme and I’m planning on doing them in rotation. So 1-10, then back to 1 again. And so on.

This is (at least for now) how I’ve gotten it figured out.

Day 1: Savior

Day 2: Cardio Combat

Day 3 Ragnarok

Day 4: Fighter Mo

Day de

Day 5: Tank Top (which OK doesn’t fit the theme exactly,but I want to have kickass shoulders because I do love tank tops)

Day 6: Berserker

Day 7: Iron Maiden (because Shield Maidens are tough as iron…right?)

Day 8: Wrath of Odin

Day 9: Valkryie

Day 10; Dance With Dragons (because can’t be a shield maiden without practicing your swordwork, right?)


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