Well that didn’t work out as planned

Being a semi-smartphone, the Not A Phone can sometimes be a little weird when I’m out exercising. I don’t have a arm-thingie to shove it into (and my DIY version didn’t end up working out so well) so I generally shove it into this convenient little pocket in the front of my sports bra (I think it’s actually there to hold fake boobs aka rubber chicken cutlets, but I have no idea really). So sometimes it slips around in there and makes contact with my skin and causes things to eff up.

Like it did today when I attempted to do week 2, day 1 of my couch to 5K program. I hit the app, had it all set up and I noticed it wasn’t yelling at me to run or walk at the appropriate times like it should have.

I stopped and pulled out my phone.

That’s because somehow the app had reset itself and was waiting for me to push the start button.

(Just insert curse words here now. Lots of them. Loudly. Preferably in Spanish and/or Klingon)

At this point, I’d been gone nearly an hour and I needed to get back to the house. Plus, it being nearly 100 degrees at 10 am, I was sweating like Hillary Clinton at an ethics committee meeting. (Google assures me this is the correct spelling of the word committee but it still seems like a funny word to me. Too many double letters in there. Two m’s, two t’s and two e’s. Who came up with this word?) So I drag myself back the four blocks back to the house, my playlist taunting me every step of the way (no I do NOT want to go the distance, Michael Bolton. I want a transporter right NOW to instantly vaporize me back to my house, thanks).

I spent the next hour sucking down 64 ounces of sweet, sweet water doped with some fruit punch Crystal Lite and playing Best Fiends (which is oddly addicting. And super cute).

I feel bad that I didn’t kick it out of the park like I wanted to. Maybe in an hour, hour and a half or so I’ll head out again once the sun has sort of gone down a little and try again. Even though it’s even hotter NOW that when I first went out this morning. :-/


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