Does this mean I’ve ‘made it’?

So I go to check my email today like I do probably twice a day or so and lo and behold, there in my inbox is one of those “This person is now following you on Twitter” notice.

Apparently, I’ve been followed by HuffPost blogger and (this is straight from her HuffPo author page) “nationally recognized family and child development expert” Dr. Gail Gross who apparently has been on pretty much every thing on TV there ever has been about child and families and parenting and all that fun stuff. Including Fox News and The O’Reilly Factor (it’s ok, Dr. Gross. I forgive you).

It could be that somebody saw my name on Twitter, saw that it says “Mom blogger” or whatever I put in the little “about me” section that goes in the sidebar and went “We should totally follow her.” and I’m not actually being followed by Dr. Gross (who, to be honest..I don’t even know who she is, outside of what the HuffPo author pages tells me about her) at all. Rather some assistant hit the like and follow buttons, most likely.

Or maybe I’m actually moving up in the fickle world of the blogosphere. I don’t know. I’m not sure if I care or not either. I mean, I was rather excited the other day when WordPress let me know I had all of 41 pages views in one day. That was neat. But really…I’m not doing this to get attention or because I want people to read it (although if somebody does read it, that’s nice of them). I’m doing this more for me than anything else.

So yay?



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