Liddle Miz Dolly


People often have celebrities they look up to, that they admire and would like to be just like.

When I was younger, I would often picture myself as a rock and roll Dolly Parton. She grew up not far from where my mother grew up, where my grandmother had lived for her entire life. My mom often referred to her as a local girl made good and she was always as proud of Dolly as could be, as if we were related. Which, given the way the bloodlines run this way and that like a scared rabbit up there in those mountains, we just might be.

She’s always been outspoken and never apologized for the way she looks. She cleaned up her country accent, but she never has gotten entirely rid of it. I admire her for that. She’s always been just who she’s wanted to be, Hollywood and the music establishment in Nashville be damned.

Like most people, if I actually met her, I’d probably  trip all over my own feet and stick my size eight foot in my size 4 mouth. My jaw would hit the floor and I’d make a total ass of myself because I’ve looked up to her all my life. Surely she can’t be as sugary sweet as she portrays herself to be.

But I kinda hope she is.


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