Who the heck is PewDiePie and why don’t I care?


Apparently, there are certain Youtubers that, if you know anything or even watch Youtube at all, you are supposed to watch and/or care about.

Mostly I’m left going “Who?” or “Yeah, just..no.” because I don’t particularly care for their content. But I’m supposed to..according to “the cool people” and if I want to be one of them (do I want to be one of them? I don’t KNOW. I’m supposed to want to be one of them. Right? ) then I need to care and watch their channels.

These include but are not limited to:

Joey Graceffa (Gracceffa? I don’t know how you spell it and like Rhett Butler, frankly my dear I don’t give a damn)

PewDiePie (At first I thought this was pew DIE..as in not living..pie. Like DIE, PIE!! I HATE PIE AND I WANT IT TO DIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!)

Graveyard Girl (does she ever NOT yell or make that face with her eyes bugged out? Because that’s not attractive. Just..no.)

Karina Garcia (although I do admit I’ve watched a couple of her videos..I just don’t care enough to subscribe)

Timmy Timato (tomato, timato–who cares?!?)

The Fine Bros (literally the only thing I know about them is they tried to sue somebody for..something…awhile back. I don’t know what they were m ad about or why they were suing somebody and frankly..I really just don’t even care.)

Smosh (again..WHO?)

Good Mythical Morning (I actually did watch this channel for awhile last summer, but then I got over it. Rhett and Link are freaking adorable though.)

ToyFreaks (I’m sorry..I am NOT watching any channel where a parent makes their seven year old dress up as an infant and coaches them to act like the biggest asshole on the planet to their OTHER kid who is playing the part of the babysitter. Nope. Just not gonna do it)

I want to care..I want to watch these videos and go YAAAAAAAAAY YOU ARE So AWESOME I LOVE YOU FOREVERS!!

But I just can’t.

I am so uncool.

There are a few channels which I DO love though.

-SeaLemon (who has taught me more about book binding than I thought I’d want to know)

-Threadbanger (crafting? Snark? A very dark sense of humor? YES PLEASE!!!)

-The Frey Life (I got sucked into this by accident when I clicked on one video, fell asleep and woke up to one of their videos. Now I can’t wait every day for them to post their daily vlog.)

-EllkoNYC (again..I fell asleep watching one video, woke up to this. And it’s adorable enough for me to want to keep watching)

-Nerdy Nummies (I had the pleasure of meeting Ro last year when she was on her book tour. We drove an hour through the pouring rain and then stood in line for almost 90 minutes in a small, crowded and overly warm book store for the pleasure of spending three whole minutes with her. 🙂 She had lost her voice but didn’t want to cancel the appearance, which I thought was pretty cool. She commented how she and my son were the same height and when I joked that I didn’t realize she was so tiny in real life and I just wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home, she mimed jumping into my pant pocket. She’s so cute and a class act all the way. Much love, Ro.)

That’s pretty much it. Sometimes I poke around, look for other things on a topic I’m interested in just to see what Youtube has to offer. But for the most part, I stick to those five channels because even though they’re not necessarily the coolest…I still think they’re cool.



2 thoughts on “Who the heck is PewDiePie and why don’t I care?

  1. I think the only YouTuber I have watched anything like consistently over the years has been iJustine (Justine Ezeriak). She’s a techie nerd (surprise surprise) 🙂


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