Overheard in a women’s bathroom

So after dinner, we ended up at the mall because my dear husband thinks the answer to all (well..maybe not all) our problems is to get a Sleep Number bed. Which, they’re doing some kind of super financing deal right now, so I say fine. Whatever.

I’m in the women’s bathroom, doing my thing and I overhear a conversation in the stall next to me.

Mom: Please please just use the potty.

Toddler: NO. Don’t wanna.

Mom: If you don’t use the potty, you’ll wet your pants and you already did that once tonight and I don’t have any more clean dry pants to put on you so please, PLEASE use the potty. Ok?

Toddler: NO! NO NO NO NO NO! No potty!

Mom: If you use the potty for me, we can ride on the carousel.

Toddler: No.

Mom: If you use the potty for me, I’ll take you to the chocolate store and buy you some chocolate.

Toddler: Five chocolates?

Mom: One chocolate.

Toddler: FOUR chocolates.

Mom: ONE chocolate.

Toddler: Three chocolates.

Mom: Fine. Just please use the potty.

Toddler: AND a simmammun bum?

Mom: YES. And a cinnamon bun. Just. Use. The. Potty.

Toddler: OK.

I was trying SO hard not to laugh out loud.


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