Are you FREAKING kidding me, Slate?

Like a lot of people, I follow George Takei on Facebook. Mostly because he posts some really funny stuff. And sometimes, he posts links to articles that are, for one reason or another, fairly interesting to me.

THIS particular article from, “I Censor The Books I Read To My Child. I’m Not Ashamed!” made me do this. The farther I read, the more I found myself going, “WTF? Seriously? People do this?” and at the end, it said that the author is the curator (I think that’s the right word) of a book club where she hand-picks books for children and their parents.

I’m kinda glad I’m not in THAT club.

I’ve never ever censored the books my son reads. The first book I ever read to him, at just shy of a week old shortly after we got home from the hospital was Rebecca Wells’ The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. My mother in law was appalled, but I reasoned that at his age, it was more about him hearing my voice than it was about the book I was reading. Of course I read him the classics like Winnie The PoohPeter Rabbit and Go, Dog, Go millions and millions and MILLIONS of times over. I read him stores from The Book of VIrtues, which I picked up cheap at a library book sale (less than a buck and in really good condition, which I felt was an absolute steal). For awhile, he asked me to read him Rudyard Kipling’s How The Camel Got His Hump (spoiler alert: It’s because he was a lazy jerk). It never occurred to me that as a GOOD parent (which..I mean..seriously, who doesn’t strive to be a good parent?) I should censor what he reads.

Once again..according to somebody on the internet, IMMA DOIN IT ALL WRONG!!!!

And you know what?






Because I am a good parent…even if my son has always been allowed to *gasp* read whatever he likes.

Yes, even the Bad Kitty series, which has actual almost-curse words (it’s a bunch of random symbols, but you totally know they’re actually curse words in the author’s head).

And I have no plans in the future to censor what he reads, either. If he has questions, he knows he can always come talk to me about them and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Because that’s what a good parent does..right?





2 thoughts on “Are you FREAKING kidding me, Slate?

  1. We don’t censor our kids on the internet at all. Guess what – they have never dreamed of looking up anything untoward. Of course we keep a watching brief, but then if you don’t trust your children, what will that ever teach them ?


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