This is why standardized testing sucks for special needs kids

My son failed some kind of standardized test at school, which prompted his teacher to send us an email at 6:30 in the freaking evening telling us that starting Thursday my son has to stay for an extra hour after school for tutoring.

Which sucks butt. Because by the time the end of the school day comes at almost 4 pm, he’s been up since 5:30 or so in the morning and he’s exhausted and hungry. I’m pretty sure they would NOT be providing snacks in tutoring and I do not envy which ever teacher is doing tutoring because I know from experience that dealing with my hangry son is truly one of the most unpleasant things ever. And they don’t know yet if the special needs bus is going be able to bring him home or if I’m going to have to go get him. Which, I don’t MIND going to get him. Totally not a big deal. But I need to know whether or not the bus is going to bring him home so I don’t go up to the school expecting him to be there.

Husband said he spent an hour or so talking to the counselor this morning when he ran up to the school to drop my son’s ID off that he’d forgotten this morning. I realize it’s only the third week of the school year, but my son’s counselor hadn’t even looked over his file (which you think she should’ve done by now) and had no idea who my son even was. Husband explained that not once since he was in kindergarten has our son ever passed a standardized test. He’s a crap test taker to begin with and if you throw a standardized test at him (which almost always contains material he’s unfamiliar with or cannot do because it’s beyond him), he will almost always balk and refuse to answer the questions which leads to a failing score.

Counselor said she would do what she could to get him out of the tutoring but I don’t have high hopes at this point. It’s probably just going to end up in a longer day, every day, for my kiddo who is already struggling with dealing with the demands of middle school. Every day he comes home and makes himself a snack and I can just see the tension and the anxiety just start to drain away as he sinks down into the chair next to the computer and starts to try and relax.

I hate standardized testing. I really do because it serves no purpose other than to make kids hate school because that’s all they do is test, test, test. There’s no room for fun science experiments or doing one act plays in reading class anymore. It’s drill, drill, drill all the time so that you can pass that damned test that means zip to anybody. Standardized testing can bite a rotten apple, if you ask me.


Of course..nobody did.


2 thoughts on “This is why standardized testing sucks for special needs kids

  1. You’re not alone. Over on this side of the planet we have much the same hell. Our youngest daughter has developmental delays – but thankfully the school were great about it. Since an early age we managed to get special provision (read:money) made available to the school so she got extra hours during the day with specialist teachers. Thankfully it’s all come to an end now because she’s moved on to a special school before she really started to realise that her friends were on a completely different track. It’s so hard though – wading through all the meetings, paperwork, and so on all the time.


    1. Generally, the schools he has attended have been great about dealing with this crap. HOWEVER, his SpEd inclusion teacher is out until next month because she’s on maternity leave. Husband is going to stay on their ass the rest of the week to make sure shit gets handled since I have to work days and he’s working nights right now. I wish we had a special school just for SpEd kids like mine, but dice. Because Texas.


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