This is why I can’t lose weight

Looking back over the week’s food log, I did pretty well. Most days I stayed under the number of calories I wanted to consume.

Until today, that is. Today is grocery day and we didn’t have enough in the house to feed a mouse, let alone three hungry people.

So we went to Taco Bell and because I was gnawing-my-own-arm-off hungry and I’m cheap, I got a Cravings meal which is 5 bucks.

The Cravings meal I got consisted of:

1 medium sized drink of my choice (which was Lipton’s Brisk Half N Half which is half unsweet tea and half lemonade)–330 calories per 20 oz (I drank 3)

A cheesy Gordita crunch wrap (490 calories)

A burrito supreme (420 calories)

A crunchy taco (170 calories)


Tortilla chips with a cup of nacho cheese (330 calories)

Now, I had done pretty well up to this point. Breakfast was two slices of toast with a glass of water. Lunch was a pulled pork sandwich from work, half a cup of diced watermelon and a half cup serving of Jello with zero calorie whipped topping. I didn’t have a snack either, when I got home. So by the time we left to go eat, I was beyond starving. Which accounts for my poor decision making.

Not really sure what I can do about this..other than realize I tend to eat like this a lot and make it stop somehow.


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