This isn’t my circus and those are not my monkeys

ip5y3zoIt’s been an interesting week.

Monday morning, during breakfast, we had two kids ask to purchase ice cream. If they have money in their accounts and there are no restrictions on their account (or if there are restrictions on their account but they have cash in hand), we are not allowed to tell them no. A teacher asks if we’re supposed to sell ice cream during breakfast and I tell her if the kid wants to purchase it and has money for it, we can’t tell them no. The teacher relays this to the school principal who loses her mind.

Tuesday, the field trainer comes to our kitchen to explain how to do everything in a less efficient but “prettier” fashion. At one point, around mid-shift, the principal comes over to speak to my manager with the field trainer right behind her. The principal proceeds to throw a hissy fit like a toddler denied their favorite toy about how we shouldn’t be allowed to sell ice cream during breakfast. Manager tells her we can sell ice cream during breakfast if the kid has money in their account and no restrictions, because it’s really not up to us to decide WHAT the kid eats for breakfast. All we can do is encourage them to make good choices. That afternoon, the school principal blows up our department head’s email and voice mail with rants about how ice cream (especially during breakfast) is evil. And yet three times a week we have cinnamon rolls and double chocolate chip muffins on the menu. Sugary cereals and two kinds of Pop-Tart are on the menu every day, yet nobody bats an eye at this.

Wednesday (that’s today) morning, as Shift Lead and I are eyeball deep in kids and I’m trying to focus on making sure that everybody has the right amount of items AND the right type (it’s complicated) as well as a piece of fruit or a cup of juice (which is a must), the principal comes and hisses in my ear that if anybody buys ice cream, I need to walk them over to her office (which is across the cafeteria and across the main hallway, behind the main office) so she can call their parents. I close my eyes for a second so she won’t see me rolling them so hard they threaten to roll back into my brain. Because we don’t have TIME to walk anybody ANYWHERE..especially during breakfast. ESPECIALLY considering that the school principal is the one who badgered our dept head to let us open ten minutes earlier than in prior years because she feels it’s taking too long for the kids to go through the breakfast line. She has not (at least from what I’ve seen) taken into account that sometimes the bus runs late and so kids are late getting breakfast because of that. Nor does she seem to take into account that there are a handful of kids who walk in at least ten minutes after the posted start time of school (7:20) every day and because they are on the free/reduced program we CANNOT deny them breakfast. Later, during lunch, the principal comes again and rants and raves at the manager about how selling ice cream during breakfast is WRONG WRONG WRONG and that we should throw ourselves on flaming skewers rather than let kids eat ice cream for breakfast.


All I can say is this is not my circus and those are NOT my monkeys, lady. I don’t make the decisions as to what department policy is and neither does my manager. We just work here.


2 thoughts on “This isn’t my circus and those are not my monkeys

  1. Some people… I went to a meeting at our local school last night, to hear about a re-organisation of “streams” – the reaction of some parents bordered on the insane. I’ll write about it soon.


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