I’m still doing it wrong

But I’ve gotten to the point I don’t even care.

Awhile back, I expressed an interest in bullet journalling which a thing that is ALL THE RAGE right now and if you’re anybody, you’re bujo-ing (as it’s called by the ‘cool kids’). So I bought a cheap, hardback, lined notebook at Walmart and got to it. But I wasn’t happy with it. It wasn’t one of the blessed Leuchtturm that BohoBerry (the BuJo queen) says you MUST use if you’re to bujo correctly.

So for my birthday, my husband (who is freaking amazing y’all) bought me a set of fancy gel pens (some of them with glitter ink!!!) and not one but FOUR classic hardcover Moleskines.



Which of course, I got right to doodling and writing in, naturally. I’m a lot happier with my Moleskine (is it Mole-skeen or Moll-uh-skeen-ah?) even though it’s CLEARLY not the MUCH superior Leuchtturm with the fancy dotted pages and what not. Eh. I’m happy. I’ve been writing more over the last couple of days than I had been previously and I even put in a “Binge-able TV” page (Star Trek: TOS, Firefly and of course, Stranger Things are all on the list) and set up my October calendar. After that..who knows? I might end up using one of them as a travel diary (kinda thinking about the red one for that) since we travel a lot and I’d like to document my thoughts, etc more than I’ve done in the past so I can look back on these thoughts in the future and go “Damn that was awesome.” or whatever future me is thinking at the time.


2 thoughts on “I’m still doing it wrong

  1. I’m trying really hard to stick to the Bullet Journal set up but there are some pages thrown in there with scribbles and things of that nature. 🙂 Because at heart, I still want to be an artist even though I clearly suck at it.


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