And so I start again

It’s the first day of a new month, so I’m starting again fresh this month. I’m basically going to have the same goals as last month.

Be more mindful of how much food I put into my body.

Exercise more.

Meditate more.

This month I’m adding a new one though too.

Make an effort to keep the house more picked up.

I want to make it so that when the weekend comes, I’m not spending all day both days cleaning and doing laundry. Which means on a daily basis I’m going to have to:

-clean the catbox (I was trying to do this every other day, but with two rapidly growing kittens you get a rapidly growing amount of poop)

-wipe down both bathrooms

-make the bed

-sweep and mop the hallway, entryway and living room

-keep the kitchen table cleared off

-sweep the kitchen (mopping at least twice a week if I can manage it)

-laundry as I can get to it

Now, this is probably going to mean that I’ll have to give up my free time in the afternoons between when I get off work and when my son gets home (about two hours) and I hate the idea that my only free time during the day will be turned over to even more work. It really sucks and I know that by doing it this way, I probably won’t have any energy left for going for a walk after dinner the way I’ve been trying to do. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sustain this kind of schedule, but I have to give it a shot. Because while my house is never OVERLY messy, it’s messy enough on a daily basis that it’s driving me insane.



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