I remember now why I don’t do this

So, this being the month of October which means it’s supposed to be all spooky scary stuff all the time, I decided I was going to watch some scary and not so scary movies. Last night, I crawled in bed with my son and we watched the classic Disney Halloween flick Hocus Pocus. While I reveled in the nostalgia (it was released in 1993, when I was a sophmore in high school) and being able to call out lines before they actually happened, my son was..less impressed. He deemed it boring. Boo for you, kid.

Then, after he went to bed, I popped in John Carpenter’s Halloween. The one from the late 70s with a much younger, much less butch looking Jamie Lee Curtis in the lead female role. Now I’m not a big horror fan and I really don’t care too much for the blood, guts and gore that seem to be pretty much de rigeur for any horror flick released in the last fifteen to twenty years or so. But classics are more or less OK because they’re more scary than bloody.

And I was scared. I was biting a pillow so I wouldn’t scream and wake up my husband and son. At one point, Bella jumped on my lap unexpectedly and not only did I manage to pee my pants just a little, but I swear I jumped three feet off the couch. After it was over, close to midnight, I scurried around the house scared out of my wits trying to find the Not-A-Phone and my wireless earbuds so I could listen to a podcast to help me sleep. Because I don’t think I’ve been that scared in a long, long time. The blinds in the living room are trashed right because Bella is a bit of an asshole and likes to trash mini-blinds. We haven’t replaced them yet so there are gaps and one is hanging off sadly like it wants to just jump on the floor and commit suicide. I was absolutely terrified out of my mind that Micheal Myers was going to come and stare in my not-fully-covered windows at me, breathing the way he does, with a knife in hand. We’ve also had incidents of terrifying clowns reported around town recently, to there was that too. I mean, even though my part of me knew it was all fake and there as nothing to be scared of, my heart was still racing as I ran around the house like a maniac, searching for my lost things so I could go crawl in bed and hide under the covers like the scaredy cat I am. I still have a couple more scary movies–The Blair Witch Project and A Nightmare on Elm Street–on my list of movies I must watch this month.  I’m a child of the 80s,so the Freddy Krueger films are almost kind of nostalgic for me and Blair Witch made me have nightmares for a week when I begged and begged and begged my husband to take me to go see it back upon it’s original theatrical released eighteen years ago.

Why am I doing this again?

Oh right. Because it’s October and you’re SUPPOSED to scare the shit out of yourself. For fun.

Pass the popcorn.


2 thoughts on “I remember now why I don’t do this

  1. Hah – I have been teaching our eldest daughter all about the tactic of watching a comedy show after a horror movie to get rid of it out of your mind before you go to bed 🙂

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