I do NOT want this man as my president

As the election here in the US draws closer, I am a little bit more afraid each and every day. I am afraid that Donald Trump will win the election and he’s proven himself, time and again, to be a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic hellbeast. Every time you think he can’t say anything worse than what he’s already said…he says something worse.

He keeps saying he can fix things, he can make America “great” again. Honestly..I don’t believe that he can. The vitriol that continually spews from his giant flappy trout lips both angers and frightens me. Last night, when I was watching the debate, at one point he said something along the lines of “If I were president, you’d be IN JAIL.” to Hilary with such a smug, self important, satisfied, “I’ll put you in your place, WOMAN.” look on his face I wanted to  punch him in the throat, shove a flaming pineapple up his posterior and throw up all at the same time.

He stated, straight out of the gate, that his grabbing a woman by her vagina and kissing her whether or not she wanted to be kissed statement from a decade or so ago was just “locker room talk”. As if that makes it OK…because it totally doesn’t.

He also admitted to Paul Ryan that if he gets elected, he’s gonna cut Social Security, even though while he’s been campaigning, he’s said the exact opposite.

“There has to be some form of punishment…you go back to a position like they had where they would perhaps go to illegal places, but we have to ban it.” –Donald Trump on women who have abortions, MSNBC interview, March 30, 2016

That right there..made me sick. Because I support a woman’s right to choose..and if she chooses abortion, she should be able to have one done like ANY OTHER MEDICAL PROCEDURE. She should be able to be taken care of in a safe, clean environment with a competent doctor. She shouldn’t have to have her abortion done in some back alley by a minimally (or worse yet, untrained) doctor or midwife with a dirty knife and a folding table.

I found a tweet where he’d quoted a Fascist dictator (Mussolini, I believe) about how it’s better to live one day as a lion than one hundred as a sheep.

He incites…and outright condones..violence at his rallies because he gets off on hearing people scream and call his name.

There’s a name for a person like him..Attention Whore. Because that’s what he is. The second the focus is not on him, he starts to pout like a little baby and try to get the attention, all the focus in the room, back on him. It’s sickening and childish and just plain ol’ stupid.

I really hope he doesn’t get elected president. Because this country will go backwards if he does. And we need to boldly go forwards…not in bloody reverse.



2 thoughts on “I do NOT want this man as my president

  1. Watching the Town Hall debate the other night I was feeling physically ill. I’d said out loud for the first time that he reminds me of the one evil person I have known in my life. I’ve got personal experience, because this person happens to be my father. Watching that debate triggered such a physical reaction that I am still not completely recovered. The world I grew up in was an unsafe place – and I realize now, with his run for the Presidency, that the world out there is still an unsafe place.

    We have to speak up to change this.

    (found your blog because of CC, but so glad I did for way better reasons)


    1. Hi!! Welcome to Boldly Going Forward. 🙂

      I think if he becomes president, the world will become less safe..not more.

      The sad thing is…I may have to stop talking to neighbors I dearly love because they think Donald Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I have in laws who seem to be leaning that way as well which makes me sad. I can’t exactly skip out on family dinners, etc without them getting terribly upset with me and wondering why I’m not there.


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