You hear that thud? That’s my jaw…smacking the floor at record speed

So I come home from a day at the State Fair (which was fabulous, btw) to check my FB and email and the first thing I’m smacked in the face with is an article by a writer who used to work for PEOPLE and was sexually assaulted by Trump but kept quiet because she didn’t want him to destroy her career. That was followed immediately by an article (the above linked article, in fact) about how Trump supporters have taken Twitter by storm with their hashtag #RepealThe19th. T he 19th Amendment is what gave the women the right to vote almost a hundred years ago. But clearly, because women are smart and won’t vote for an asshole like Trump, we need to have that right (among others, I suppose) taken away so that the biggest asshole this side of Hell can take over our country and drive it straight down the drain at the speed of a Japanese bullet train. One Tweeter (and a woman to boot) said that men should’ve NEVER given women the right to vote. They didn’t just GIVE it to us, girliegirl. We fucking FOUGHT for it. Fought and WON. And you can take my right to vote away when you pry it from my cold dead hands.


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