Hate won.

Hate won today. And because of this win, we as a nation have condoned sexual assault and rape culture. We have chosen a president who believes climate change is a myth. We are bringing a party to power that thinks women’s reproductive rights are not their own to make their decisions of. We have condoned the actions of someone that the KKK has held on a pedestal. We have elected a man who wants to USE our nuclear weapons. We have shown the world that countless of our citizens are racialist hate mongers.–keistypants (via Reddit)

She said it far better than I could have. And because hate won, we will have a very tough next few years. The kind of years that are going to, most likely, make me wish that my home state of Texas would just up and secede from the union like they’ve been threatening (never seriously though) on and off for decades.

When my son woke up, he asked me who won. I was still in shock from having had to Google the results since it still hadn’t been called when I went to bed at midnight sick to my stomach to see how things were turning out. When I told him, he said that they should have let Hillary Clinton win and I had to agree. But it wasn’t up to me. It was up to the voting public who clearly thought that a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, authoritarian, “Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich woman!” man was the perfect candidate to show the world who we as Americans really are.

And we’re not all like that. I promise.


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