My diet is all shot to hell

Watching the election returns come in tonight has shot my diet all to hell. Seeing the way things are going right now, I’m anxious and scared. I’m scared that tomorrow I’m going to wake up in a world where a pompous, arrogant, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic windbag who thinks that because he has money, he can do anything he wants to anyone he wants is going to be the president.

I just downed a good sized quantity of potato chips dipped in ranch dressing (we’re out of sour cream dip right now) in order to try and still the feelings that are running around inside my head like tiny little demons. It didn’t work..and I don’t feel any better for having eaten. In fact, I think I might even feel worse.

I have also chewed the heck out of my lower lip. It’s positively shredded and a little sore.

I still do not know, not now, which way the tide will turn. And I certainly cannot know (as no one could possibly fathom) what the consequences will be if Donald Trump is elected our president.

I can only hope that he is defeated..but right now, as of this very moment, 11 pm on Nov 8, it is still uncertain though he and Hillary are almost neck and neck at this point.

The only thing I can do is continue to watch the news and hope..hope with everything that I’ve got, every molecule in my body.

I just hope my hopes are not in vain.



4 thoughts on “My diet is all shot to hell

      1. The best thing we can do is remind our tribe that we are not alone. There is power and safety in numbers. We need to band together as a community to demand the country work for all people not just those who won the election.


  1. I’m really trying not to be cynical about this whole thing but part of my brain just keeps going “Yeah yeah yeah. He says he’s gonna make things great again..but it only counts if you’re a rich white guy. He’s not going to fix crap for minorities or the poor. The rich just gonna keep on being rich and stomping the rest of us into the ground.”


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