So I almost caused myself to have a panic attack

This is being written on a library computer because my own computer is pretty much in the toilet at the moment. 😦 I was trying to get back into my WordPress account, but I COULD NOT remember my username. So I used my email address (or my primary one anyway) to see if it would send me a link to reset my password.

Which it did.

But it sent me the link not to reset the password to access THIS blog, but an older WordPress blog I had mercifully forgotten about.

And now I don’t know which email address was used for THIS blog.

So I was trying to remember my username and I thought I had it but it kept saying “Nope. That’s not it. Try again.”

So for half an hour I tried to come up with variations of my username that it might accept, with caps, without caps,with random caps stuck in the middle. With numbers I MIGHT have used.

Until somehow I finally stumbled onto the right combination of letters to let me back in.

Being locked out of my blog, even though it was only temporary, made me feel panicky in a way I’ve not felt panicky and anxious before.

That was weird.

HOWEVER…I then remembered that thousands of people across t he US are donating to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s names, giving their addresses (which are published publically) so that THEY get the certificate saying “Dude. YOU just donated to Planned Parenthood. Thanks, you’re awesome.” And the thought that they’re going to get THOUSANDS if not millions of these little cards when it’s been stated time and again how much they HATE Planned Parenthood makes me giggle. Because by stating how much they were against a woman’s right to choose and how much they HATE abortions (medically necessary or otherwise) kinda asking for it, if you ask me.



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