Oops I did it again

So I changed my password..and wrote it down..and then lost the paper. And then we bought a new computer (a Chromebook) last night to replace the one that was totally effed up. And I tried to log into all of my things I need to log into on a daily basis…like this blog. And forgot what the password was. And then I tried for two solid hours to figure out what the password was and to recover the password and couldn’t and I was SO frustrated. And then I tried ONE last password that I thought MIGHT be the right one.

And it was.

And now I’m relieved..and I wrote the password down in a Moleskine where I keep my most private thoughts so that I can’t lose it unless I lose my Moleskine.

I still can’t access my Facebook account which sucks. D:

I did get a glowing review of my son’s progress for the year at an ARD meeting yesterday, so  at least I got that going for me.

I hate when I’m locked out of things I feel like I NEED to be able to have access to, like Facebook. It makes me anxious and makes me want to go eat a crap ton of chocolate.

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